1991 – 1998

Modena Design arises and Zonda is taking shape.

Interrupted the collaboration with Lamborghini, Pagani concentrated his energies on the design of a new car. He was convinced that the projects he had been imagining did not reflect the house of the charging bull. It was time to think of a 100-percent Pagani car.

To finance the Zonda project, Modena Design develops composite materials for many companies of the industry and not, participating in both the construction of prototypes and the manufacture of parts for Formula 1 and for the aerospace industry. During this incessant work the company gets to an always deeper knowledge on carbon fiber, which led to the design and realization of the first 100-percent Pagani car.

Horacio knew about the uphill battle ahead of him, but was determined to see the obstacles he would encounter as the inevitable stages of a way of life that would have allowed the realization of his dream.

At that time, Horacio was still working in a building in Sant’Agata and had started to work on a new factory just before the Gulf War plunged the car industry into crisis. He then had to choose between the construction of a new headquarters and the project of the car. He decided to focus on the car. If he failed, the company would sink with it, otherwise the new factory would have provided its own finance.

It was time to think of a 100-percent Pagani car.Pagani signature

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